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One Meal at a Time - 2025

Febuary 2025 

Undivided in Christ is a group of Beaver County community leaders who work together for racial reconciliation and to strengthen the fabric of our county.  In February 2025, we will be hosting One Meal at a Time, an event designed to address significant food insecurity in our communities.  The initiative will assemble 2,000 boxes of essential food items for distribution to individuals, families and county food pantries.  Included in each box will be practical, easy-prep meals, plus additional foods for enhancing daily nutrition.  Examples include canned items such as chicken, fruit, vegetables, in addition to pasta, milk, cereal and much more.  We request your valued participation in assisting those in urgent need in our region. 

Get Involved:

Donate by Check: make check payable to Christians United/Undivided, designate it for One Meal at a Time, and mail attn John Pusateri, Christians United, 252 College Ave., Beaver, PA. 

Donate Online: Click here to give.

Beaver County Unity Prayer: Welcome
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